Confidentiality Policy

Collection and usage of information
The Privacy Policy describes how and partners (, Taxi 505, Taxi 977) collect and use personal data to provide services to users. Subjects of this policy are all users, sites, applications, functions and services. This Policy applies to:

  • users who receive services;
  • drivers who provide services on an individual basis or through partner companies;
  • partners that provide delivery services.
The rules described in this document only apply if they comply with the laws of the regions in which and partners (, Taxi 505, Taxi 977) operates. Thus, if certain provisions of the Policy are contrary to the legislation of a particular region, they do not act in it. If you have any questions regarding the rules applicable in your country or region, please contact us.

Collected information and partners (, Taxi 505, Taxi 977) on behalf of collect the following information:

  1. The information you provide
    These include:
    • User profile. Information used when creating or updating or partners' (, Taxi 505, Taxi 977) account. This information includes name, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, address, payment and bank data (payment confirmation details etc.), photo, car details, insurance policy and technical passport for drivers, as well as your account settings.
    • Data used for document verification. Data obtained when processing documents in the process of registering a driver or partner. In particular, such data may include the history of driving and information on criminal records, if permitted by law.
    • Demographic data. Age and gender of users.
    • Custom content. Information you provide when contacting support, evaluations and reviews at the end of travel.
  2. Data generated during the use of services
    These include:
    • Location information. We can collect approximate or accurate information about your location based on Wi-Fi, GPS and IP-addresses, depending on the services used, application settings and the selected access level:
      • Information about the location of drivers and partners when the application is running in priority mode (open and displayed on the screen) or in the background (open, but not displayed on the screen).
      • Information about the location of users only when the application launched and works in both the priority and background modes.
      • Users and drivers can use the application and prohibit the collection of location information however in this case, some application functions may not work, for example, automatically detecting the feed address.
    • Information about transactions related to the usage of the services: types of orders and services, details of the order and delivery, the date and time of service, cost, travel distance and method of payment. In addition, when other user enters your promo-code, we can associate your name and phone with this user data.
    • Usage Information. Information about your interaction with services: data about access date and time, the functions used by the application and the pages viewed, the application and other system elements, the type of browser, third-party sites and services that you used to access site or partners sites (, Taxi 505, Taxi 977). This is using cookies and other technologies that create and use unique identifiers. For more information, please click here.
    • Device Information. Information about the devices that you use to access the services, including device model information, the IP address, the operating system and its version, software, languages, device IDs, IMEI and information from the mobile network.
    • Information about interaction. Users can access each other and their employees through applications, sites and other services. As part of the provision of this service, receives data on correspondence, incoming calls to company and partner phone numbers, as well as outgoing calls to customers, drivers and partners. This information can be used to provide technical support, dispute resolution and for analytical purposes.
  3. Information from other sources
    Such sources include:
    • users leaving you ratings, compliments and other feedback;
    • users providing your data in connection with your participation in the attraction programs;
    • users ordering services for you or on your behalf;
    • users and other persons providing information in the framework of claims or disputes;
    • partners through which you create an account or access it, in particular providers of payment systems, social networks, as well as applications and sites that use the API or whose API uses;
    • suppliers of insurance services (for drivers and partners);
    • suppliers of financial services (for drivers and partners);
    • partner transport companies (for drivers who use services through accounts associated with such companies);
    • public sources;
    • marketing services suppliers.

    Usage of information
    Collected information is used for the following purposes:

    1. Provision of products and services
      Information is needed to provide, improve the quality and support products and services. Such information is used for the following purposes:
      • Create and update an account.
      • Verify the identity of the user.
      • Provision of transportation, delivery etc.
      • Processing and execution payments for these services.
      • Proposal, receipt, provision and operation of insurance and financing programs.
      • Track your trip and delivery.
      • Functionality of information functions exchange with other people: reviews to drivers, recommendation of the service to friends, separation of the cost of the trip, sending of trip data etc.
      • Functionality of creating bookmarks for selected addresses and quick access to the latest feed addresses.
      • Functionality of accessibility functions for people with special needs.
      • Performing internal operations that are necessary to provide various services eliminate software errors and problems with current work analyze, test and research data, and track and analyze usage and activity.
    2. Security and protection
      Data is used to protect the security and integrity of our services. And in particular,
      • Preliminary check of drivers and partners before the beginning of work with services, and regular checks and in the course of their work.
      • Uses data about device location, profile, and usage to prevent and detect fraud and unsafe practices. In the process, information from third parties can additionally be used. Sometimes such cases can lead to time-consuming account blocking.
      • Ratings used to monitor drivers and accounts are blocked drivers with a rating below the minimum value for the region.
      • If there are a number of canceled orders later than the acceptable time, if there is a debt to the drivers for supplying the car or delivering more than the minimum value for the region, user's account may be blocked.
    3. Support service
      Company uses the collected information, including telephone conversations for:
      • transfer to the appropriate support staff member;
      • researching and eliminating problems;
      • tracking and optimization of the support service.
    4. Research and development
      Collected information can be used in testing, analysis and development of products and services. This allows us to increase the reliability and security of services, develop new products and functions, and improve insurance and financial programs.
    5. User interaction
      The collected information is used to simplify the communication between the users. The driver can send a message or call the user to specify the location of the landing. A restaurant employee or courier can call the customer to provide information about the order.
    6. Messages from company and partners
      Collected information can be used camping To send messages about services, products, promotions, surveys, news, research and changes, for the organization of contests and lotteries, the payment of winnings and the delivery of prizes, as well as the provision of suitable ads and content related to our services and partners. You will receive this information in accordance with your profile settings.
    7. Proceedings and legal requirements
      Collected information can be used to resolve claims and disputes related to the use of services, as well as for other lawful purposes or in response to requests from regulators, government authorities and other official requests.

    Transmission and Disclosure of Information
    In certain cases, data may be provided to other persons and organizations, including:

    1. Other users
      • If you are a user of transportation services, we can provide drivers with your name, rating and landing and destination data. When you share the cost of the trip with other participants, we can tell them your name, as well as the place of landing and the destination.
      • If you are a driver or a partner, we can provide users with the following information: your name, photo, car model, car color, state registration number and photo of your car; your location; your rating in the application and the number of reviews, as well as your phone number. Customers can also receive a receipt that contains the trip distance, idle time, cost and the map of the passed route.
    2. Users and organizations according to your request
      When ordering services in the framework of a partner or promotional offer from a third-party supplier, the company can transfer information about you to this supplier. This category can also include other applications and sites that integrate with the API, as well as applications and sites, with the program interfaces and services of which the platform is integrated and partners, with whom we make promo-actions.
    3. Audience when placing content on a public resource
      When communicating through blogs and groups of the company and its partners in social networks, your messages become available to a wide range of people.
    4. The owners of the accounts you have access to
      When using a profile belonging to another user, we can transfer information about your trips to the owner of this profile if you are:
      • a corporate client;
      • a user whose trip is organized by a friend or family member;
      • a driver, replacing another driver.
    5. Services suppliers and partners
      Information can provide camping suppliers, consultants, marketing partners, research firms, and business partners:
      • operators for receiving and processing payments and merchants;
      • operators and administrators of call-centers of and partner call-centers;
      • companies involved in document verification (only for drivers and couriers);
      • cloud storage providers;
      • marketing partners;
      • suppliers of analytical systems;
      • research companies, including organizations that conduct surveys and research projects;
      • partners that provide security and application protection;
      • consultants, lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers;
      • owners of car parks that re partners;
      • partners providing insurance services and financial services;
      • local transport companies;
      • cafes and restaurants that are partners;
      • services suppliers for financing and renting cars and third-party car suppliers.
    6. Persons, organizations and state bodies (for resolving legal issues and resolving disputes)
      The company has the right to provide your data if it believes that law, normative act, operating contract, legal process or request of the state body, requires it or if it is necessary for security purposes. In particular, from the beginning is the provision of information to law enforcement officers, authorized state bodies and other persons in the amount necessary to enforce the Terms of Service, user agreements or other rules to protect the rights or property of and other persons, ensuring the security of the latter, as well as in case of claims and disputes related to the use of our services by you. If you use a credit card of another person, the law may require you to provide the owner of this credit card, law enforcement and judicial authorities with certain information, including with regard to your trips. You can also provide all of your information to third parties in connection with such events or during such events as merger or negotiation, sale of company assets, merger and restructuring, financing and acquisition of our entire business or its part by another company.
    7. Other persons with your permission
      The Company may transmit information that is not specified in this policy upon prior notification and with your consent.

    Keeping and destroying information
    The company uses information from the profile to provide you with services and stores it all the time while you have an account. Certain information is stored, including information about orders, transactions, location, devices and usage for 5 years in accordance with legal, tax, insurance and other requirements in the regions of implementation of activities. Closing access to information that is no longer needed to provide services, support users, improve the quality of service and other purposes. Such data is used exclusively to detect and prevent fraud, security and compliance. When the account is locked, we can save information about it so that the user cannot create a new account.

    Choice and transparency

    1. Privacy settings
      Below are the details of the privacy settings, their installation or change, as well as the consequences of their disabling.
      • Location information. Geolocation services uses on the user's device to ensure safe and reliable travel. Geolocation data can improve the quality of service, including the landing process, navigation and user support. If you turn off location services on your device, this will affect the use of the application. For example, you will have to manually enter the destination and destination.
      • Sending of location data in real time (for users ordering trips). If geolocation services on your mobile device enabled, you can also allow the application to send location information to the driver from the time of booking, before the trip begins. This will help the driver find you faster. If you do not send location data, you can use the application, but it will be more difficult for the driver to find you.
      • Notifications: account and travel status. Users are notified of the status of trips and updates associated with the account.
      • Notifications: discounts and news. You can include sending push-notifications of discounts and new features offered by the company. These notifications can be turned on and off at any time in the "Privacy Settings" menu of the application.
    2. Device permissions
      Most mobile platforms (iOS, Android etc.) set some types of data that applications cannot access without your consent. On these platforms, there are various permit systems for obtaining your consent. The iOS platform first warns that the application is trying to access certain types of data, and allows you to accept (or reject) the request. Android device notify you of the permissions required by the application, before you can use the application. In this case, your use of the application is considered as the provision of such permissions.
    3. Marks and ratings
      After each trip, drivers and customers can evaluate each other, as well as leave feedback about the trip. This system contributes to improving the quality of control over drivers, increases the level of responsibility for their behavior and creates a more favorable atmosphere.
    4. Clarifications, copies and corrections
      You can request from the company:
      • A detailed explanation of what information about you was collected and how it is used.
      • A copy of your personal data that has been collected.
      • Correction of inaccurate information about you that are stored in.
      Request can be sent here. You can change the name, phone number and e-mail address registered in your account through the "Profile" menu in the application. In applications, you can also find the history of trips, orders and deliveries.
    5. Refusal from receiving marketing materials
      Unsubscribe from receiving promotional mailing can be in the menu "Privacy Settings" application, but we can still send you messages non-promotional nature, for example, receipts for travel or information about your account.